Business Health Pty. Ltd

Global Practice Management Partner

Business Health comprises a team of uniquely qualified professionals, strategically located across Australia, with the ability to deliver results locally or globally as required. Internationally, including the United States, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and New Zealand, Business Health has established a reputation for innovation and cutting-edge solutions. Our experience in the financial advisory environment, enhanced by an extensive up-to-date knowledge of international factors and trends, positions us to offer significant expertise in the area of practice management.

Business Health - helping successful business owners make informed decisions and implement proven solutions.

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Bachrach and Associates

Strategic Partner

Advisor Practice Management partners with Bill Bachrach to help you improve your “People Skills” so you attract better clients, implement full financial planning with prospects and clients, generate higher planning fees (up-front & ongoing), gather more assets, inspire clients to more quickly act on all your advice to fully implement their plans, and get more referrals. Join Grant Hicks and Bill Bachrach in San Diego summer 2018. 

Proven advisor processes

Advisor Practice Management partners with Bachrach & Associates, Inc. to help advisors 

AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training for Financial Advisors

Elevate Client Value. Grow Your Business.AdvisorRoadmap™ Virtual Training for Financial Advisors

Elevate Client Value. Grow Your Business.



Advisornet Communications

Strategic Partner




Advisor Practice Management partners with AdvisorNet Communications to help Financial Advisors improve
their client relationships through the use of high-quality, maintenance-free websites and e-newsletters.


In today’s fast-paced digital world, successful Financial Advisors use interactive, online marketing tools to stay
“Top-of-Mind” with existing clients and engage with potential clients.


With over 25 years of financial industry experience, AdvisorNet has a deep understanding of the marketing and
business challenges faced by busy financial advisors.


Our easy 6-Step process means that every financial advisor can have a professionally-created, client-pleasing
website and e-newsletter fully operational within just a few days after submitting an application.





Strategic Partner

AdvisorStream is the only marketing solution licensing and curating thousands of articles and videos daily through exclusive partnerships with the world’s most trusted news sources, including The New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, The Globe and Mail, and more, for advisors to leverage across all channels: with full automation. 

 "Creative Captures Film & Photo provides photography and videography for a variety of businesses looking to promote their products and services."  

Queenston Consulting

Strategic partner

Queenston is the leading Canadian company specializing in business valuations of the financial product distribution industry. There is three basic services that result from our experience and knowledge of valuations:Business Valuations , Consulting projects, Mergers and acquisitions. 

Advisor Research Group 

Strategic Partner

Advisor Research Group is a Canadian independent information service for Financial Advisors and Investment professionals. Grant Hicks is a guest editor on practice management research.