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"What gets measured, gets managed" Peter Drucker 

What is your number one business opportunity to build capacity? 

The "Ideal Capacity Coaching program" is a  coaching program for elite financial advisors and their teams. We focus on building out three key practice management processes to build your ideal capacity, so you can have your ideal lifestyle. 

Acquire - more ideal clients through a proven process

Service  - ideal clients by adding more value 

Manage  - your business and capacity and take more time off

First we focus on finding and acquiring more ideal clients. Second we focus on serving and communicating with your ideal clients. Third, we build ideal client service processes to manage your business, so you can create a win-win-win with clients, your team and your ideal lifestyle.  The number one challenge for financial advisors is the lack of capacity to serve ideal clients. It's not going to fix itself. 

How do we help you?

We set up online calls on a monthly basis. All calls are recorded and are accesses with all of the tools and hundreds of templates at our coaches console dashboard. This dashboard allows you to review materials and templates at any time, access recordings, payments made ( by credit card on a monthly basis) and help give you a greater probability of success in reaching your goals. The cost for monthly coaching is less than you think, and one new ideal client covers the cost for a full year!  Email us at for pricing for individuals and teams and 6 month and one year programs. 

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Future ready financial advisor coaching programs

Since 2014, Grant Hicks has had over 1600+ financial advisors through his "Future Ready Financial Advisor" ready workshops. Contact us if you would like a "Future Ready Financial Advisor"  training workshop in your area.  

About your coaches                 grant hicks  cim 

Grant Hicks, CIM is President of Advisor Practice Management and has over 30+  years of unique experience in the financial services industry, including 20 years as an advisor. He built and sold a practice of 120 million of clients wealth, and understands how to grow and sell a practice. His passion is helping advisors build top practice management processes in their business and focuses advisors on becoming “Future Ready Financial Advisors” by acquiring more ideal clients and delivering more value.

His books and speaking have become popular resources for top financial advisors in Canada and Grant is best known for co-authoring “Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors, series 1+2” ( Morgan James Publishing, NY) with Jay Conrad Levinson, part of the successful “Guerrilla Marketing “ series of which there are 58 volumes in 62 languages, and more than 21 million copies sold worldwide

His experience as National Director of Practice Management for Manulife Financial has helped Grant and advisors see their potential blind spots and opportunities in growing their practice. Grant has spoken to thousands of advisors for several financial organizations. He has had over 1600+ advisors through his practice management and Future Ready Financial Advisor training workshops. Grant has spoken at MDRT and for several financial institutions including banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies.  

Grant lives in Calgary, Alberta and enjoys playing golf, hockey and travelling while speaking.. He played professional hockey in Europe before starting in the financial industry. 


Jordan Rosenberg, is a Practice Management Consultant and Coach with  Advisor Practice Management and has over 28+ years of unique experience in the financial services industry. After graduating from University in 1991, Jordan spent 3 years as a Financial Advisor in Toronto prior to joining Dynamic Mutual Funds. Jordan spent almost 10 years with Dynamic and became their youngest V.P. at the age of 26. He often lead the National team of 15 Wholesalers in annual Advisor Sales even though he was the youngest in age. He credits most of this success by taking a practice management approach with financial advisors and is passionate about their success.

In 2004 Jordan co-lead a new Advisor Coaching initiative at Investment Planning Counsel (IPC) in Mississauga. For the next 5 years, he coached a number of their Top Advisors achieving significant results. For the last 10 years, Jordan has continued to Coach and Consult some of the Industries top Financial Advisor teams. Results oriented, Jordan brings practical, proven Financial Advisor strategies and tactics for both immediate and long term success.

Jordan lives in Oakville, Ontario. He is married with 3 children. In his spare time, he plays racquet sports, enjoys power boating and is Canada’s top Master’s Decathlete (10 track and field events) for his age.  

Firms where Grant and Jordan have coached financial advisors 

Manulife Securities

Assante Financial Management 

TD Wealth Private Investment Advice

National Bank Financial Wealth Management

BMO Nesbitt Burns Wealth Management

Richardson GMP

CIBC Wood Gundy

Edward Jones

IG Wealth Management 



Sterling Mutual Inc.

Portfolio Strategies Inc. 



Aligned Capital Partners 

IA Securities

Hollis Wealth 

Cooperators Wealth

Northwestern Mutual

RWA Retirement Wealth Advisors 

John Hancock 

Wellington Altus

Desjardins Financial 

IPC Securities

Belay Wealth

Leede Jones Gable 

Private Family offices

Exempt Market dealers 

Private Wealth Council / ICPM Firms 


Mortgage Brokers

CPA Accountants 

and more....