Ideal capacity Coaching program for financial advisors

What is your number one business opportunity to build scale? 

What are your blind spots that are holding you back? 

The "Ideal Capacity Coaching program" is a 12-month coaching program for elite financial advisors and their teams. We focus on building out three key practice management processes to build your ideal capacity, so you can have your ideal lifestyle. 




First we focus on finding and acquiring more ideal clients. Second we focus on serving and communicating with your ideal clients. Third, we build ideal client service processes to manage your business, so you can create a win-win-win with clients, your team and your ideal lifestyle.  The number one challenge for financial advisors is the lack of capacity to serve ideal clients. It's not going to fix itself. 

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Online affiliate coaching program 

Advisor Practice Management partners with Bill Bachrach to help you improve your “People Skills” so you attract better clients, implement full financial planning with prospects and clients, generate higher planning fees (up-front & ongoing), gather more assets, inspire clients to more quickly act on all your advice to fully implement their plans, and get more referrals. Join Grant Hicks and Bill Bachrach in San Diego summer 2018.  

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Future ready financial advisor coaching programs

Since 2014, Grant Hicks has had over 1600+ financial advisors through his "Future Ready Financial Advisor" ready workshops. Contact us if you would like a "Future Ready Financial Advisor"  training workshop in your area.  


About your coach Grant Hicks, CIM

 Grant Hicks, CIM is President of Advisor Practice Management and has 28 years of unique experience in the financial services industry, including 20 years as an advisor. He built and sold a practice of 120 million of clients wealth, and understands how to grow and sell a practice. His passion is helping advisors build top practice management processes in their business and focuses advisors on becoming “Future Ready Financial Advisors” by acquiring more ideal clients and delivering more value.

His books and speaking have become popular resources for top financial advisors in Canada and Grant is best known for co-authoring “Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors, series 1+2” ( Morgan James Publishing, NY) with Jay Conrad Levinson, part of the successful “Guerrilla Marketing “ series of which there are 58 volumes in 62 languages, and more than 21 million copies sold worldwide

His experience as National Director of Practice Management for Manulife Financial has helped Grant and advisors see their potential blind spots and opportunities in growing their practice. Grant has spoken to thousands of advisors for several financial organizations. He has had over 1600+ advisors through his practice management and Future Ready Financial Advisor training workshops. 

Grant lives in Calgary, Alberta and enjoys playing hockey and travelling with his family. He played professional hockey in Europe before starting in the financial industry.