Wouldn’t it be Great to be a Master of Client Acquisition?

True or False: Most Advisors work too many hours for too little money for too many of the wrong clients.

Based on the responses from the polls we have been conducting indicate that this is TRUE:

• 93% of Advisors said they need or want to make more money,
• 83% said they want to work fewer hours per week and take more REAL vacation every year, and
• 98% said they would like to have a smaller total number of clients who each pay them more.

What about you?
Chances are very high that your current approach to client acquisition practically guarantees that you will work too many hours, for too little money, and for too many of the wrong clients.

Ironically, most Advisors want exactly the opposite: more money, less hours, and more of the right clients.

1. Money.
2. Time.
3. Smaller total number of clients who each pay you more.

If you have a sincere desire to get better in any, or all, of these areas enroll yourself in this complimentary, LIVE training session with Bill Bachrach.

In addition to getting the most clear and concise definition of “client acquisition” you’ve ever heard, in about an hour, from the comfort of your own office, you will discover the answers to 4 vital questions:

1. Who should be your target client and why?
2. Why is it easy to "steal" (rescue) the best clients from established Advisors?
3. What’s the BIG mistake that most advisors make and what to do about it?
4. What are the keys to successful Client Acquisition, like where to find higher-net-worth prospects?

In addition to the answers to these questions, Bill shares case studies, stories, and examples of what the best advisors do well and what most advisors are doing wrong.

In order to improve your quality of life, work fewer hours, acquire the RIGHT clients, and make more money, join Bill LIVE for this training session on February 20 by clicking the Register NOW below button or going to

“I used the Values-Based Financial Planning process to acquire every single one of my clients: 185 clients, $225M of AUM, almost $2M of business revenue, and a 7-figure personal income.” – Don V.

Bill is looking forward to having you join him on this powerful training session to help you accelerate your 2018 results. – A New Era of Financial Advisor Training

P.S. Too little money, too many work hours, and too many of the wrong clients didn’t happen by accident. This problem will NOT fix itself.

A Few Success Stories:
"When I was a 24-year-old rookie I was fortunate to have a mentor, who referred me to Bill Bachrach's process. In my first 4 years I used the process to acquire 145 clients generating $400,000 of AUM fee-based revenue. That was round 1. For round 2, I am implementing Bill's processes to build a $1.8M recurring revenue business with 50 IDEAL clients who each pay $36,000 / year. In the first 18 months I have added 13 Ideal Clients generating a total of $468,000 of recurring revenue. Now that I have more revenue from 13 clients than I had with 145 clients, I sold my old business to focus 100% of my attention on building the new business. 13 down and 37 to go!" – Scott P.

“After working with Bachrach & Associates, Inc. my annual recurring revenue per client is 40k, my recurring business revenue is 650k, and I take at least 4 weeks of vacation per year.
- Neal B.

About Bill Bachrach
There are many good reasons why Bill Bachrach is, by far, the most highly paid trainer and coach for top financial advisors in the world. His systematic, simple, no-nonsense proven processes work for successful veterans, the mediocre middle, and newer advisors.

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