Summer reading for financial advisors looking to grow their practice

You are sitting on a dock in a comfy Adirondack chair on a hot day, with a glass of lemonade filled to the brim with ice cubes. You decide to pick up a good book. You can’t get into a new mystery novel for some reason so you turn to your business books. You are a student of the industry, a lifelong learner, and you have a library of good books. Before you sit down into that comfy chair on a hot day, consider picking up one of these books. I chose them based on practice management topics for financial advisors and wealth managers focusing on productivity and capacity. I start with my newest book on practice management. If you would like a free preview of my book click here

1. Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors 2nd edition Innovating financial professionals through practice management”. Grant Hicks and Jay Conrad Levinson Morgan James Publishing 2016“As part of the “Guerrilla Marketing” series which has sold over 21 million copies worldwide, financial advisors will find the book packed full of ideas to acquire ideal clients and create an ideal client experience. Utilizing “Guerrilla Marketing” strategies combined with key practice management research, the book guides the reader to tackle critical issues such as capacity, client acquisition, and double-digit growth. It is your process manual for practice management.


2. The Supernova Multiplier: 7 Strategies for Financial Advisors to Grow Their Practices

Wiley; 1 edition (February 1, 2019) Rob Knapp's seven growth strategies represent the experiences of coaching thousands of financial advisors over a 20-year period. Through research and trial and error, he has adopted the best of the best and created a process that will result in consistent and explosive growth and tremendous personal satisfaction from helping clients reach their goals.

-Grow your practice by leveraging new acquisition techniques, networking strategies, and social media
-Integrate measurement and accountability into your client relationships to build enhanced trust
-Apply the rule of reciprocity and inspire high-net-worth clients by improving their lives and giving to give, not to get
-Differentiate your practice by investing in clients' success and becoming an essential part of their daily lives

3. Exploring Advice: What You Need to Know About Good Financial Advice, a Quality Financial Plan and the Role of a Fiduciary: Createspace Publishing – September 29, 2016, by Kevin Knull CFP®

Based on research, qualitative insight from hundreds of conversations with industry advisors, regulators, attorneys, academics and consultants, and data from over 1 million plans, Knull outlines the elements of a quality financial plan, how a quality financial plan is an effective and prudent way to comply with the DOL regulations and how it can help financial advisors differentiate their firms in a challenging environment. It is your advice manual.

4. The Enduring Advisory Firm: How to Serve Your Clients More Effectively and Operate More Efficiently (Bloomberg Financial) 1st Edition by Mark C. Tibergien (Author), Kimberly G. Dellarocca (Author) Wiley; 1 edition (November 30, 2016) Combining a facts-based approach with case studies and examples from the field, The Enduring Advisory Firm will ignite your imagination by demonstrating practical strategies for attracting clients and streamlining operations. It is your operations manual.

5. The Million-Dollar Financial Advisor Team: Best Practices from Top-Performing Teams – August 21, 2018

Start, tweak, or rethink your own team by learning how to:

Select the right structure
Agree on a team vision and a plan to achieve it
Define individual roles and responsibilities
Retain top performers through thoughtful, results-based compensation
Save time and effort by crafting efficient processes for every key task
Catapult revenue with wealth-management offerings that clients will pay a premium for
Expand your practice with great marketing
By implementing effective team-building strategies and building a highly functioning team, you’ll gain more affluent clients—and serve them better—than you ever would alone.

Enjoy your summer reading and building your elite financial advisory practice! Pick up your copy or online version at your favorite online retailer. For a FREE preview of my latest book go to

Comprehensive practice management
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