Mastering the art of client acquisition

The key to your success is not your skill at financial planning, managing money, or the latest marketing tactic. The key to success is your ability to acquire and retain Ideal Clients. That depends more on your “people skills” than your technical ability which is why the most competent advisors often do not get the clients. We recommend that you be brilliant at both.
What are people skills?

Here are a few scenarios to illustrate:

- You meet a person at a fundraiser who could become your next Ideal Client, what will determine whether or not they agree to a meeting? Your People Skills.
- Your prospects will have a better experience if they come to the initial interview at your office with their spouse and all of their financial documents, what will determine whether or not they agree? Your People Skills.
- It’s important that your clients act on all of your advice in order to achieve their goals, what will determine whether they take action or procrastinate? Your People Skills.
- You have been referred by one of your best clients to their friend who could be your next Ideal Client, but this person already has a long-standing relationship with another advisor. What will determine whether or not they agree to meet you? Your People Skills.

Your people skills are to your success what a solid golf swing is to a professional golfer. What if you invested as much time working on them as the pro golfer does working on his / her swing?

With stronger people skills you will thrive in the new world of fiduciary standard, digital advisors, and confidently grow your business regardless of any disruption that comes your way.

It is the ability to articulate what you do, and your value proposition, clearly and in a compelling way for people to take action. To learn what to say, join us next week for an exciting webinar with fee ready expert Bill Bachrach.

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During this informative, what-to-do webinar presented by Bill Bachrach, you will learn specific, action-able people skills that will help you acquire and retain Ideal Clients. There is no cost, except the investment of your time.

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