Financial Advisors. You asked for it. Now here it is...

By Dane Aulph Advisor Research Group

When speaking with 100's of independent financial advisors over the past 3 years, one main concern was brought up and discussed by the vast majority:
With CRM2, robo-advisors, and the difficult task of gaining younger clients, we (advisors) need to prove our true value now more than ever.
We took this feedback seriously and after many many hours of market research, brainstorming, talking with advisors, and many more hours of development and field market testing, we (in collaboration with top advisors in the field) have created the Retireabitliy Score.
The tool and concept is simple. The Retireabiltiy Score is an online survey. Once you brand it under your name and company (post it on your site), by simply sending it out to clients and prospects alike you are greatly enhancing your value proposition.
Why? Because this is not your typical "how much money do you need to invest" survey. The results of this tool provide your clients great insight in terms of the following areas:
Their Vision of their retirement
• Their Health requirements
• Their Interests
• Home (downsize, move, etc...)
• Their Legacy
• Current Financial Standing(of course)
• Their Social Needs
• Their Lifestyle
See? Now you are no longer 'just about the money'. The end result? First off, clients actually enjoy doing this survey. Secondly? New Prospects and clients are 'wowed' by the fact that you care more about their retirement in this holistic approach.
“With the Retireability Score our closing ratio with ideal clients improved to 100%. And these new clients generate 30% MORE revenue than our average clients! It is an absolute Game-Changer. Clients and prospects see that I want to help them; not just accept deposits. And as a result, deposits have sky-rocketed!
My staff is re-energized now that we are all really connecting with our clients, and their workload is also reduced.
It is so easy to use, for me and for my clients. They are dying to know their score, and then are dying to work with me to improve it."
David Allard, MBA, CFA, CFP®, MFA | Portfolio Manager, Senior Wealth Advisor

Next step?
Try it yourself for free and see for yourself the end results of this innovative and game changing tool (I am quoting current clients with the term 'game changing').
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If you would like a 15 minute walk through of the specifics regarding this new service, please reply in kind.
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