Fee ready practice

One of my goals in the financial industry is to help advisors become fee ready and future ready. To help me accomplish my goal, I have teamed up with fee ready expert Bill Bachrach of Bachrach and associates. After travelling across Canada last year doing workshops for financial advisors, there is a need to help answer some tough questions out there. Financial advisors who are preparing their practice for the future are focused on the current market trends and issues that financial advisors are facing right now all over the world including Robo-Advising, Fixed-Fee for Advice, Transparency and how to generate more business revenue now AND in the next 10-20 years.

If are you currently thinking to yourself, “This won’t affect me,” or “Why should I even care?” consider this quote: “In the next 10-20 years, 58% of financial advisors will be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence.” – Frey and Osborne. Whether you think this quote is legitimate or complete drivel, you simply cannot deny the fact that the financial services industry is evolving and technology is exponentially growing. The question you may want to ask yourself " am I ready for a fee for advice world "? Every day we read about transactions in the robo-advice world and how financial institutions are investing in this type of technology. Technology disruption at a time of regulatory change has raised a few eyebrows in the financial industry.

Bill Bachrach has travelled the world to help advisors overcome robo advising and has discovered ways to make sure advisors do not compete with machines. in my recent discussions with him, he made it clear that if your financial advice practice is concerned by regulatory change, you may be behind the curve. So how do you get ahead of the curve. Bill has planned to do a series of webinars to tackle the regulatory and technology issues and more. This summer consider finding out how your business can grow and prosper in a fee for advice world. You can check out Bill's webinars at the following link.